Glengarry Highland Games 2022

We were delighted to return to the wonderful Maxville, Ontario community to join in the celebration of the 73rd Glengarry Highland Games.

The weather both days was splendid: warm, not hot, breezy and sunny. This, combined with two pandemic years without Games, brought out crowds in record numbers. The excitement and sheer joy of renewing acquaintances and participating once again in important traditions was everywhere. It was a great weekend to be part of the Scottish diaspora.

As a result, the Clan Gregor Society Canada Chapter experienced an unprecedented number of clansmen, members and seekers alike. We had a large tent area and display and it was a good thing as there were many times that we had multiple people engaged in discussions at the same time.

Our volunteers barely had time to catch their breath. These efforts proved worthwhile as we signed up a number of new members and renewed contact with those members that stopped by or marched in the Clan parade.

There are two particular features of the Glengarry Games that are unique. First, as host of the North American Pipe Band Championships they bring in all grades of Pipe Bands from all over North America. This is their last stop before the World’s in Scotland so you are guaranteed to experience the best. Massed bands during the closing ceremony is particularly impressive as up to 60 bands with 1000 pipers and drummers take to the field at the same time. The power and energy of this spectacle is extraordinary and sure to raise hair on the back of your neck!

Second, the Friday night concert is first class. It is a truly unique blend of ceilidh, Highland dance recital, Scottish folk lore, pipe bands, and world class Celtic entertainment. We’ve been many times and have never been disappointed. The crowds are huge so reserved tickets are a must.

This is one of the premier Games in North America with upwards of sixty thousand attendees over the weekend. If you have never attended this festival it is a must to put on your list of important things to do to celebrate your Scottishness. The entire town, and indeed surrounding countryside, is dedicated to making these games special. Everywhere you look, or go, you will find robust, energetic support of the Games and Scottish ancestry. In addition to celebrating all the basics of Highland culture and the Games, you will experience a sense of pride and purpose that is particularly engaging and infectious.

Glengarry is catching!

Wayne and Vina Parker