Gregors in the News

In 1958, Miss June MacGregor Steep taught 8 students in a one room schoolhouse in West Nissouri, Ontario. This past summer, 7 of her 8 pupils held a reunion and invited June (now Jain) to attend as their guest of honour. As the MacGregor on site, “Miss June” was feted with a piper. (June said he played well in spite of his Campbell tartan!)

The local newspaper concluded with, “Fond memories of the time spent at the Wellburn School were shared. It was recalled as a place of friendship where one received the best education of a lifetime.”

Canada’s Minister of National Defense, the Honourable Anita Anand, MP Oakville, Ontario, grew up in Kentville, Nova Scotia. As it turns out, she too, was a 5th grade student of June MacGregor Jain. As chance would have it after the many years in between, they met this summer at a Kings County, Nova Scotia fundraising event. The local paper reported, “Anand called Jain an inspiring teacher. She really had high standards for her students, and we knew that in grade 5. It had such an impact on me as a student.”

Gregors everywhere can take pride in June’s accomplishments and her legacy of educational excellence. One never knows what impact one can have on future generations and especially those in positions of responsibility and authority. Well done June!


This spring, Acadia University honoured Lt-Col. Dr Trevor MacGregor Jain, with the presentation of the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award. The University noted this award was given in recognition of his distinguished list of accolades that include the Meritorious Service Medal of Canada for his service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the John McCrae Memorial Medal by the Canadian Medical Association. True to character, Trevor’s response in the local paper said he was humbled to receive notification of the award. “I was quite honoured to have even been considered.”

Well done Trevor! Best of all, he celebrated with a round of golf at the Ancient Course at St. Andrews in his ancestral homeland of Scotland, just before the British Open this past summer.