The passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Note: The Chief and Lady MacGregor attended the funeral of the late Queen on behalf of the Clan Gregor Society. The Canadian Chapter sent this note of acknowledgment and appreciation.

Dear Sir Malcolm and Lady MacGregor,

Throughout the ages peoples far and wide have come together in times of need and loss. The largest part of the world has been united this week in mourning the loss of one of its finest citizens in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Our thoughts are with the extended Royal Family as they digest the loss of their Mother and Matriarch. Our prayer is that in time God will ease the pain of loss and replace it with peaceful acceptance and a vigorous embrace of the future and duty.

Sir Malcolm indicated you are enroute to London to pay personal respect to the Queen Lying in State and to participate in the funeral. Please know that you are representing the Canadian Chapter in this regard and we are most grateful for your ability to do so as Chief and Lady of Clan Gregor. In addition, we are mindful and appreciative of your personal dedication and years of service to the Queen in your respective roles in the Royal Scots Guards and as Lord Lieutenant of Dumfries.

Canada as the largest and oldest of the Commonwealth nations is fiercely loyal to the Monarchy. Over several centuries and conflicts Scots, Irish and English immigrants have chosen repeatedly to remain faithful to the Monarch as United Empire Loyalists. Queen Elizabeth during her 70-year reign accomplished much to confirm that this trust was well placed. As such, I will be reaching out to our Canadian members regarding the passing of the Queen and installation of the King. I will be sure to include that you have represented each of us in doing so.

My wife Vina joins me in sending along our personal thanks and hopes for a successful trip to London.

Sincerely yours,