What's in a Name? Contest

As we close out 2022 let’s have some fun. With this in mind we’re launching a contest for all members of the Canadian Chapter.

It’s really very simple. Find, photograph and send a picture of any version of Gregor, MacGregor, McGregor, Mcgregor or any variation of the name of our Clan that you can find on a sign, marker, map location, business or building here in Canada. You can send your pictures as often as you like. Multiple entries are welcome and encouraged. All entries should be sent to the Editors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for publication on the website gallery and will also be published in a future issue of the Maple Leaf MacGregor.  

The contest is open until November 2023. The winner will be determined by our Editors Sylvie Theriault and William Petrie. They assure me they can’t be bought or influenced!

The Prize is a five-year membership subscription.

Be creative and let’s see how many places we can find in Canada where our name is used and publicly presented. To the right and below are some examples.

Wayne Macgregor Parker