MacGregor Core Reading List

Submitted by Keith MacGregor as being good for starters

Book of the Dean of Lismore/Obituaries
*Medieval bardic collection of poetry by James MacGregor, Dean of Lismore/1512
which also includes the Obituaries (records of the MacGregor Chiefs’ burials at
Dalmally church, 1390‐1528.  
There are 7 poems specifically about MacGregor Chiefs.  Introduction by
Donald Gregory in 1830 but doesn’t add much.  Available on request from the Clan Gregor Society.
Bardachd Albannach‐Scottish Verse from the Book of the Dean of Lismore
William J. Watson/1937,  reprinted 1978/ISBN 0 7073 0236 6
*These poem translations by Watsonare better than McLaughlan’s 1878 edition

History of Clan Gregor, Vols 1& 2
Amelia Georgiana Murray‐MacGregor 1903
- available online from the Clan Gregor Society (987 pages).

Chartulary of Clan Gregor
Rev. William McGregor Stirling.  Collected notices on the history of the clan, which became the basis for Amelia’s History of Clan Gregor. - -available from the Clan Gregor Society

Rob Roy‐His Life and Times
W. H. Murray/1982/ISBN 0 86241 429 6/also available for purchase from the Clan Gregor Society
*The definitive work on Rob Roy which contains accurate details!  

Campbell Letters 1559‐1583
Jane E.A. Dawson/1997/ISBN 0 906245 19 2
Available for purchase from the Clan Gregor Society.  Highlights the period of the “MacGregor Wars”.

In Famed Breadalbane
William A. Gilles/ISBN 902965 14/ available on Amazon books

The Lairds of Glenlyon
Duncan Campbell/1886, reprinted 1984/available on Amazon books
*Particularly good on the history and families of Roro

The Arrow of Glenlyon
A.A.W.Ramsay/reprinted 1980
*/xerox copies available or try Amazon

Sons of the Wolf
Ronald Williams/1998/ISBN 1 899863 42 7
*Quick read on the deadly feud between the Campbells and the MacGregors – like Murray, good exposition from our point of view!