The MacGregors' Gathering

Some time ago we received this from CGSCC member Nick Gregor.

Hey there! I thought I would share this with you. My girlfriend found this for me in a vintage shop. It’s a print of an R.R. MacIan painting called The MacGregor's Gathering. I have seen many of MacIan’s paintings and prints and I can honestly say this is the only one I've ever seen like this. Very beautiful and sad scene. Feel free to pass it along with the rest of the clan.

Kindest regards,    Nick Gregor

We, too, were not familiar with this print and so we asked our Vice Chair, Peter Lawrie if he knew anything about the context of the painting. We wondered if there was a specific Gregor incident MacIan had in mind when he painted it.  Any number of scrapes that the Gregors were in could be represented by this depiction of grieving and avowed revenge.

Peter wrote back:

I think you should tell Nick that McIan (along with James Logan) imagined all of his pictures and invented most of the history that went along with them. Most of what Logan wrote about the MacGregors was also from his imagination. Logan wrote the romantic text while McIan imagined the illustrations.

I would not consider any of their work accurate or reliable. Their romanticized history continued the distortions of Walter Scott.


Editor’s note: Thanks to Nick for bringing this to our attention. If any of our members have something that is Gregor related to share and submit for opinion, please send along and we’ll get you an answer whenever possible.