CGSCC 2020 Scholarship Award

CGSC - Scholarship Award Presentation

In choosing Jenna to receive this award, the committee noted the following: 

Jenna’s involvement in both a leadership and teaching role with the Band is a very positive factor and is one of the prime criteria used in our selection. This demonstrates devotion not only to one’s personal achievements, but also to the promotion of Highland art and culture by passing on knowledge and skills to a younger generation.

We also recognize the financial strain of University attendance and given the high priority we assign to post-secondary education, it is our feeling that the award could be best utilized by Jenna toward achieving her goals. It would be interesting to know what education and career path she has chosen to pursue.

Given this important point in Jenna’s life, it must be recognized that this may be the last opportunity we have to acknowledge the time and effort she has devoted to the Band.

With all of this in consideration, we select Jenna Wood as the award recipient.

Congratulations Jenna!

CGSCC Scholarship Thank you

To the Clan Gregor Society of Scotland – Canada Chapter

January 27th, 2020

As the Rob Roy Pipe Band and Highland Dancer’s recipient of the Clan Gregor Society Canada Scholarship Award I feel very honoured and happy to have been chosen for this Award and would like to thank you and your committee very much for selecting me.

I am currently in Grade 12 and as yet undecided which career path to take, I plan to return to school in the Fall in order to take some extra courses, work and travel before attending College/University the following year.   This award will be safely invested until then.

With my sincere gratitude for this generous support.

Yours sincerely

Jenna Wood