Sister Chapters

Sister Chapters - Clan Gregor Society Australasia

The Society is well represented in Australia and New Zealand with an active and growing membership base in both countries.

Because Australia and New Zealand have a high Scottish demographic, Highland Gatherings and Scottish themed events are popular in every state of Australia and both the islands of New Zealand.

This gives the Clan Gregor Society ample opportunity to set up the Clan Tent throughout both our regions as it proves to be our most popular and successful way of interacting with our members and recruiting new members.

Because of the sheer size of Australia, it is impossible for the Official Clan Representative to attend gatherings in every state so it is the ambition for Clan Gregor Australia to have an official representative in every state and so far, we have been successful in having representatives in New South Wales, Victoria Tasmania and Queensland.

New Zealand has been successful in finding a representative for both the North and South Island to assist the Official Representative Mr Iain Stockwell.

Another bonus for the Society is having Clan Gregor Pipers in most states, in particular NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

Clan Gregor Australasia welcomes new members so for particulars about joining the Society please write to the Overseas Representative of the Clan Gregor Society, Frank McGregor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our website:

I will leave you with the words of Sir Walter Scott, “While there’s leaves in the forest and foam on the river, MacGregor despite them shall flourish forever!”