In Search of a Great Scottish Ale

In Search of a Great Scottish Ale

In my travels I am always on the lookout for a good Scottish Ale. There’s just something about the slightly sweet, malty and thicker nature of true Scottish ale that I find very appealing. Best of all, these are typically only brewed by small craft breweries so it gives me the satisfaction of supporting local home grown businesses. Part of the fun of traveling is to find and enjoy these local and often rural establishments. In my search for the perfect (or at least the best!) true Scottish Ale I have tried dozens and dozens of offerings all over North America. I have finally found, at last, what I believe to be the very best Scottish Ale offered today on this side of the pond.

I’m pleased to introduce South River Brewing Company’s Scottish Ale from South River, Ontario. Not only is it an outstanding ale, it has the good sense of coming to us dressed up in the Rob Roy red and black tartan! I have had several conversations with the good folks at South River and they have offered us a special discount by creating a discount code (macgregor) on their website that is valid for 5% off any of their beverages.  This code expires at the end of December so hurry.  The code is to be entered at checkout to receive the discount.  You can order directly from them and if you order a case they will ship directly to you at no extra charge. Sure to be a fine Scottish ale, och aye.


Wayne MacGregor Parker

PS. The gold standard against which I compare all Scottish Ales is the Red MacGregor brewed by the Orkney Brewery in Scotland.