About Us and Membership

About Us

This is the online newsletter and only official site of the Canadian chapter of the Clan Gregor Society.

The latest newsletter will be provided as home page articles and past articles will be available as PDF downloads as we get them available.

In addition to the names Gregor and MacGregor (various spellings), more than one hundred names are recognised as part of Clan Gregor.   Please visit the main Clan Gregor site's Sept and Family Names page for the lists of accepted, documented and traditional Gregor aliases.

Membership in the Clan Gregor Society is open to all who regard themselves as MacGregors, and to all others as associate or honorary members, in accordance with the Society’s rules.


You should join through a local chapter when available

For Canadians  you can visit us at

Glengarry Highland Games

Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Montreal Highland Games

or contact us by  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or mail directly to

Wayne MacGregor Parker
PO Box 232
Dorset, Ontario
P0A 1E0  Canada