Announcing Sister Chapters

The Clan Gregor Society Canada Chapter and the Great Lakes Chapter (based in Ohio) are pleased to announce that we have entered into a Sister Chapter relationship. In this informal arrangement we have agreed to share our Newsletters, ideas, best practices, successes and failures in a joint effort to promote and further the aims and objectives of the Society in our respective territories. Two areas of particular focus will be finding and securing new members and the ongoing development and mentoring of future leaders to ensure we have a pool of talented members coming through the ranks.

Last summer Clan Gregor Canada was pleased to participate in this helping hand across the Border exercise. Working together was a meaningful experience that illustrated what the common bond of clan can accomplish when resources and talents are extended and shared. It began in early January when Society Council member and North American Rep Keith MacGregor alerted me that the Great Lakes Chapter was foundering and in search of new leadership and rejuvenated membership. As past Chair of the Great Lakes Chapter from 1995-2003 my perspective was sought by Council. Some names and faces were still familiar and so we reached out. Chair Marcia Ebert was looking to retire and needed help.

With a list of names to contact we began a search for a new Chair and Editor. After a number of contacts we were most fortunate to have Joseph Greer agree to serve as Chair,   Patrick MacGregor as Editor and Marcia Ebert as Treasurer. Canada Chapter Council member Bill Petrie and I agreed to travel to Loraine Ohio to attend the Ohio Scottish Games in late June. Working together at the Games provided a great opportunity to meet with the new leadership, mentor the process of prospect and membership development, as well as re-connect with familiar faces from years gone by. It was a successful day and concluded with a fun group dinner where Marcia was recognized for her past service. In addition it was particularly special to have long serving Great Lakes President David McGregor and his wife Kathi in attendance at the Games and at dinner.                 

(Ed Note: David McGregor peacefully passed away this Monday, January 6, 2020)

There have been many useful exchanges. A particular highlight was having Chairman Joseph Greer travel north to spend a very busy day at the Canada Chapter tent at the Fergus Games here in Ontario in August. Joe came to study how we engage prospects and draw them into discussions on our Clan’s history with a goal of piquing interest in membership in the Society. As it turns out we were swamped that day and grateful for Joe’s help as we booked 10 new members and sold $230.00 of T-shirts!

Canada and United States are proud to share a long and open Border across the vast continent of North America. In many ways we share similar cultural roots with the largest number of immigrants coming from Scotland, Ireland and England. Our countries were shaped by the common values of brave souls who struck out for the new world to build a life based on freedom and self-determination. Today our two Chapters are composed of this diaspora. We share this heritage, we share a common border and now we share this common bond.

There is a stone cairn erected on the Canada/US Border at Fort Erie that simply states, “Dedicated to the longest unguarded border in the history of man. Let this be a lesson in peace to all mankind that brothers can dwell together in unity.”

Something to be proud of. Welcome brothers and sister of the Great Lakes Chapter.

Wayne MacGregor Parker