Special Tour - Edinburgh and the Scott Country

 SPECIAL TOUR:  Edinburgh & the Scott Country 15-23 August 2022


In 1822, Sir Walter Scott and Sir John MacGregor Murray organized the visit to Edinburgh of King George IV, the first King to visit Scotland since Charles I was crowned at Scone in 1649. We MacGregors played an important part in this visit and it is quite likely that there will be a celebration of this anniversary in Edinburgh in 2022.
Scott was encouraged by the great success of Rob Roy, which financed the building of Abbotsford, (which we will visit), complete with his writing desk and rooms full of weaponry. We will also visit Traquair House which had strong links to Mary Queen of Scots, and Mellerstain House which is described as one of the best stately homes in Britain. We will visit Rosslyn Chapel (yes, the one in The DaVinci Code) and The Kelpies (huge sculptures representing mythical Scottish water creatures).
The world-famous Tattoo will be on in Edinburgh (optional). 2022 has been labelled the Year of Scotland's Stories and we expect that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will feature that theme. And don't forget our outpost, The Royal Macgregor!
We hope to offer a two-tiered accommodation package depending on your responses. Approximate figures based on two people sharing a room: Tier 1 - Double room Bed and Breakfast (no dinner) at the University of Edinburgh Salisbury Green Hotel and Bistro for £250/night/room (8 nights=£2000. With the tours and the Tattoo, the cost is approximately
£1500-£1800 per person+ dinners.
Tier 2 - We are also looking at alternative accommodation in the Scottish Borders (Scott country) but slightly higher pricing of £1700-£2000 per person. We would hire a coach from here for Edinburgh and the tours.
*Note: a more expensive, but convenient option is the MacDonald Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh for £400/night including dinner for two sharing and with tours would be £2250-£2500 person. Single occupancy hotel accommodation would add about £125 per night.
Edinburgh in August is expensive and crowded. Food and accommodation will cost more than on the Highlands tour and Taxis are an extra expense. Tattoo tickets (booked in advance) are £30-£100. No deposit for this tour is required at this time; only please an indication of interest NOW. Deposit information and details available in mid 2020. This tour is currently open to members and their families only.
For this tour please email Keith MacGregor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to Keith at P.O. Box 56, Redding Ridge, CT 06876, USA