Rob Roy MacGregor


March 8th marks the 348th anniversary of the baptism of our famous clansman Rob Roy. We don’t know his actual birthday but do have records of his christening. It is widely acknowledged that Highland customs of the times held that babies be baptized as close to the time of birth as practicable. So we assume that Rob was born 348 years ago.

Much has been written about Rob Roy ranging from the fantastic to the dark and everything in between. Hollywood took a crack at the legend in the feature movie in 1995 that, while romantic, wandered far and wide from the actual events of his life. In acknowledgment of the significant body of writings and records about Rob, the Society has recommended that the book, Rob Roy MacGregor – His Life and Times,by WH Murray is a fair rendering of the story of this man’s life and the events that shaped his destiny. Members of the Clan are encouraged to read this book to better understand why this man has generated so much attention for the past 348 years.

As we set aside time in March to consider Rob Roy and his impact on our heritage as Gregors, consider this summary in the final paragraph of Murray’s book.

“Whatever his flaws and faults, they were dismissed.  He had personified for them all a man stripped to nakedness defeating an immensely superior power and privilege by strength of will and force of character.

While no one could covet the life he had lived, some could long for its immediacy and awareness.  He had not lived it passively, as he might if her had taken sober counsel, but fought to keep its flame alight.  People, remembering how he stood his ground, felt in his stand an elevation of their own spirits.  As he was valiant, they honored him, and Roman Catholic or not, buried him where he belonged, in the graveyard of the auld kirk at Balquiddder.”


May his spirit, sense of Clan, fairness and honor inspire all of us!