The Braes O' Balquhidder

An Historical Guide to the District

This little book is a great read and primer for any member of the Clan Gregor Society.  It is written by Elizabeth Beauchamp, a former teacher at Balquhidder School and published by the Friends of Balquhidder Church.  It is in its 4th printing which attests to its popularity.

There are several reasons for this.  The book is just 169 pages and it’s divided into 37 chapters of four to five pages each.  So it makes for easy reading in a week, or to keep by your favourite chair to pick up for a read of a chapter for five to 10 minutes.  It has 15 chapters that deal with Clan Gregor history from the 1300’s to the persecution beginning in 1603 through to the exploits of Rob Roy and his sons.  Each son has a chapter or two and Rob Roy several.

The author has included an extensive bibliography of 50 sources at the back – a handy list for reference and potential reading in the future.And she has created an index at the very end for easy referencing of various events and people she has mentioned.  Each chapter is chock-a-block with detail to refer to at any time.

Other chapters include a topographic descriptionof the braes and glens of the area – Lochs Doine, Voil and Lubnaig; early stones and people; the MacLaren and Ferguson Clans; owners of assorted estates in the 1800’s; and the joy of life in the country.

If you’d like to sort out and keep handy, accounts of the major historic events of our Clan, this little primer is a gold mine and highly recommended.

Elizabeth McDonald, December 2018.