From the Editors

When Wayne graciously asked us to help with the newsletter, Sylvie and I were delighted,
enthused and a wee bit worried at the same time. While we've authored countless pages
of course material, reports, white papers and proposals, it's always been about business.

Not something that’s for our acquaintances, friends, family or you, our greater clan.

Receiving the Maple Leaf MacGregor newsletter has always been a treat for us so here we
are, paying heed to the old proverb "If ye like the nut, crack it" and putting in the work to
bring the newsletter to others. And it's been joyous work since many an eve we've found
ourselves up late totally immersed in Clan research.

So please enjoy the online newsletter and note that you've be receiving a ‘sized for email’ version
but please check out the higher quality edition to be found on this new web site under the Newsletter menu link.

Lang may yer lum reek!

William and Sylvie